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  1. The Secret History of Lucifer: Evil Angel or the Secret of Life Itself?
  2. The Secret History of Lucifer: The ancient path to knowledge and the real Da Vinci Code
  3. ISBN 13: 9780786715602
  4. The Secret History of Lucifer: Evil Angel or the Secret of Life Itself? by Lynn Picknett

The orthodox Christian view claims that he was an archangel who proudly challenged God, fell from Heaven, tempted Eve and created death and suffering. He became Satan, horned king of Hell, whose hatred for God's creation motivated his mission to drag the rest of us down with him.

Many ancient godesses were known as Lucifera, 'Light-bringer' - an honour extended to Mary Magdalene in her true role as goddess-worshipping priestess and Christ's successor. The website can't tell you if this book is in the shop or not, sorry - call us or use the enquiry link below to ask. The order button below will go to book's details on our customer order website - it will open in a new browser tab or window.

But if the book details are not shown on the order website , please come back to this page and use the Order by email link instead, and tell us that the book was not shown on the order website - thank you. Choose between collection from our bookshop or mail-order, for which we charge postage at cost, at current Royal Mail rates. Select type of order : Collect from the shop - I live in or can visit Liverpool Mail-order - send by post. All too often, people who seek to interpret products of the past do so by divorcing them from their cultural and artistic contexts - for example, what seems to seekers of Biblical giants to be pictures of giants in ancient Egypt will be recognizable to others as the use of differently sized figures to represent figures of differing importance in the artists' milieu.

So in order to interpret Leonardo's paintings, one must understand the artistic, social, and religious conventions that he would have been familiar with, however unfamiliar or absurd they may seem to people now. Very well stated! You are absolutely correct. People seek to interpret art based on their own cultural bias and lack of historical perception.

Be it literature, poetry, or paintings, the further removed in time, the harder to truly comprehend the creator's intentions, accurately. I agree with your top section, Gunn and the entire comment from A Buddhist.

The Secret History of Lucifer: Evil Angel or the Secret of Life Itself?

Stuff like Ancient Aliens distort and misinterpret historical texts and events, very similar to religious fundamentalists. The fringe always share many characteristics. You need to start seeing religion like Christianity as a thing that has wide interpretations and expressions and stop seeing everything as if your version of it is the one everyone sees it as.

Blasphemy my assphemy.

The Secret History of Lucifer: The ancient path to knowledge and the real Da Vinci Code

I am that I am. In the big inning But always nice to hear from the pantomime horse. Maybe they represented the buttons on the young boys pants Leonardo regularly seduced? Or, the steroids Georgio used to take in his Body Building days? Oooh so much mystery! Regarding the museum supposedly set up like a spaceship: Wait till these people visit Grand Central Station, in New York City, and look up at the ceiling.

Regarding "Holy Blood, Holy Grail," the inspiration for so much of this material: I read it, not realizing at first that it was considered "fringe. I wonder how serious this actually is? Therefore, how many secret messages could he have sent us, on purpose? And why didn't the aliens pick someone who was better at finishing his work? Gee Whiz.

ISBN 13: 9780786715602

Open the pod bay doors Hal. Hal emerged from his safe space a.

I remember a few years back him thinking trans-humanism was a good thing until he realized that was the Borg from Star Trek and backed off of his weird theory. These turds will make up anything they think will sell. Mary Magdalene was made a political football as Protestant ideas evolved. Even the most famous places associated with her in S. France have both a Catholic and alternate view and celebration.

The Secret History of Lucifer: Evil Angel or the Secret of Life Itself? by Lynn Picknett

None of that even values a bloodline in context. What a scientific stance. Next up, Aliens and Memes! I'm sure they'll look at examples of ancient graffiti to tell us how our "alien ancestors" are secretly communicating to us through internet memes. This sounds like a wacky episode based on some Dan Brown tomfoolery, which is based on some earlier similar stuff, going back to Piccard in France, or whatever his name was. I haven't seen this one yet, although it seems a safe bet it retreads over the two episodes earlier on the topic, as there is nothing new, and certainly no spin or wishful exaggeration.

The review seems a solid opinion and is not subject to an honesty rating. More silly comments from Jason's nut job sycophants. All of you are clueless. Our facts speak for themselves. That is why our show has millions of believers. Face it you guys are not mainstream, we are now. If Ancient Aliens and other Fringe things are mainstream now we've definitely lost a lot as a country. Popular doesn't mean accurate, however.

  1. The Secret History of Lucifer: Evil Angel or the Secret of Life Itself?!
  2. The Secret History of Lucifer (New Edition) - Lynn Picknett - Google книги.
  3. The Secret History of Lucifer: And the meaning of the true Da Vinci Code by Lynn Picknett.

Horrible and inaccurate things can be popular. And have been throughout history, now and again. It's telling that almost every fringe claim is either based on an inaccurate fact pattern, or more-easily explained by some other explanation, or both. Jason's done a great job of providing accurate information and better explanations that require way fewer assumptions. As have others. Willian Henry "Our facts speak for themselves.

And why is there never a shred of hard evidence? Why are all the claims in the show qualified with a question mark? Why do the claims regularly contradict each other? Why do the claims regularly rehash known fallacies and hoaxes as they were new and true? AA is not fact. AA is religion-fuelled fantasy. There is nothing wrong with the musical references being placed in a painting.

Leonardo actually included a scrap held by a figure in one of his paintings with musical notations that can be played the loaves at the Last Supper are more problematic but not impossible given Leonardo's geometrical studies and his own skills as a professional Court musician. That they communicate some secret knowledge only makes sense as some brief encoded message to one of the circles of secret societies we know Leonardo did associate with. Later Freemasons and the Bavarian Illuminati had musical notations as coded messages so there are at least some historical examples. Brief is the watchword, however, Some encyclopedic download of enlightenment in a few notations is ridiculous.

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  • The Secret History of Lucifer (New Edition) by Lynn Picknett | Hachette UK.
  • As for the Crystal spheres, I am only surprised the hoary heads of the Crystal Skulls weren't resurrected by the Alienists my tern for the AA 'theorists'- Copyright will be enforced. It would be better to point to the other examples crystal spheres as of particular interest to artists, like Leonardo, who also studied Optics even if you do not believe in the recent theory that generations of artists before and after Leonardo used them as a type of Camera Obscura to project images of models to copy directly onto their canvases.

    There is even a theory Leonardo fashioned the Turin Shroud using a primitive photographic process and a Camera Obscura.

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    Theories with some tangible support are at least interesting even if inconclusive subjects for debate. Using minor oddities as slender springboards to launch into high dives into grandiose cosmic claims are the province of crackpots and not the exclusive domain of Alienists. You do realize that the term "Alienist" was used for many years to describe Psychiatrists, don't you?

    Of course I do, That was the point of the 'copyright' joke I worked in a regional Copyrights and Trademarks Depository years ago. BTW, I have several thousand books and magazines on the subject of ETs, ancient and otherwise, so I am avowedly fascinated by the concept, but hardly convinced by the evidence put forth so far. I have an equal if not greater number of items on Astrology and Alchemy and other 'Occult Arts' but know each is essentially groundless.

    Ancient Aliens: Pandora's Box of Demons (Season 10) - History

    It is Human history including its frequent folly that really fascinates me. But as a Templar Grandmaster that was well within the scope of his powers because higher mathematics. The creator of the image on the Shroud is most unlikely to have been the creator of the shroud It's just like a license plate Triple D. The convict stamping in the numbers and letters didn't make the license plate blank, but that blank isn't a license plate until he does his stampy stamp.

    Imagine the absurdity of exhibiting a blank sheet as Jesus's burial wrapping. I've got one of Jesus's tube socks but the previous owner washed it so there's no Venus Family DNA, but trust me Our Lord got his erhnt-yee erhnt-yee on with it. Now git thee hence. Those drizzly dowagers won't dazzle themselves.