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When asked if he agreed with the solicitor's recitation of the facts, appellant, who had been sworn, acknowledged that he had exposed himself "to both victims one time" and denied the rest of the solicitor's recitation. Appellant then confirmed he was pleading guilty to one count of indecent exposure to each victim and that his answers were truthful and honest.

Appellant also acknowledged that he had a conviction for lewd act on a minor and that he was on the sex offender registry as a result of that conviction.

South Carolina couple admits to killing sex offender, wife

Following appellant's affirmations, one of the victims and the girls' parents gave unsworn statements1 which described numerous criminal sexual offenses committed by appellant against the girls. This statute permits a judge to designate any offense as sexually violent for purposes of the SVP Act if he "makes a specific finding on the record that based on the circumstances of the case. He argued that before making a finding under 2 o , the court must hold a "full evidentiary hearing" including testimony and an opportunity to cross-examine witnesses.

He pointed out that the State was relying on the unsworn statements of the victims.

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In addition, the attorney noted that appellant's status as a registered sex offender was the result of an old conviction. This father also spoke on behalf of himself and his wife and the other victim's mother made a statement to the court.

The judge then made this ruling: I agree with both the State and the defense. I think that if I were going to make factual determinations based upon what the victims have -- or what's said in court, I think the defendant would have a Constitutional Right to cross-examination. However, for purposes of sexual violent predator evaluation, I believe that the defendant's statements alone and also his history puts him into that category where somebody needs to take a look at it.

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He, himself, is asking me to give him help for his problem, and that's part of what the civil commitment process would do. It would allow professionals to evaluate him to do what type of civil treatment he would need. He may not qualify for that program, but, you know, when they go through that, they have multi-step processes they go through. They have the solicitors committee.

Beware: These 12 Counties In South Carolina Have The Most Sex Offenders

The Kershaw County Court of General Sessions ordered Robinson undergo psychiatric evaluation and Robinson was found competent to stand trial. On October 16, , with Vincent Sheheen named as his defense attorney Robinson pled guilty to non-violent burglary in the 2nd degree and non-violent criminal domestic violence of a high and aggravated nature. In September , Dixon was arrested for assault and battery while resisting arrest; distribution of crack cocaine and distribute, sell, purchase, manuf. On July 31, , with Vincent Sheheen named as his defense attorney Dixon pled guilty to a lesser charges of resisting arrest non-violent and distribution of crack cocaine.

On January 12, , with Vincent Sheheen named as his defense attorney Anthony pled guilty to a lesser charge of driving under the influence 2nd offense.

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Senate Leaders S. Join the Elephant Club! April 9, No Comments. Vince Sheheen has been in public office for a decade and a half.

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His family has been South Carolina political royalty since the early s. He has been running for governor non-stop for the last five years. Candidate-Vince wants to be governor and wants South Carolinians to entrust him with the oversight of our pardons and parole system, yet lawyer-Vince has proven he will sell out South Carolinas children, women, and victims if it means he can personally cash a paycheck. Let me walk you through new information that court records has revealed about the kind of work Vince Sheheen does for money.

First, registered sexual offender Isaiah Outten, who according to court records has continually abused and assaulted children.

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Outten provided alcohol and marijuana to two underage children and enticed them into his vehicle. He then took one of the underage girls under 15 years old to the woods near her home, where he had sex with her. The foundation of this organization is defined by its employee's honesty, moral standards, compassion, sincerity, and caring attitude. All rights reserved. Search Results. Cherokee County Sheriff's Office. Phone: Rosemond Blvd.