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  1. LGBTQ Workplace Discrimination Case Comes To The Supreme Court
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Couples laud Iowa Supreme Court's ruling on gay marriage

Grodin , a law professor who was one of the three California judges who lost a re-election bid. The most sustained effort to oust judges in this election cycle was in Iowa, where out-of-state organizations opposed to gay marriage, including the National Organization for Marriage and the American Family Association, poured money into the removal campaign.

LGBTQ Workplace Discrimination Case Comes To The Supreme Court

Judges face no opponents in retention elections and simply need to win more yes votes than no votes to go on to another eight-year term. In Iowa, the three ousted justices did not raise campaign money, and they only made public appearances defending themselves toward the end of the election. Each of the three justices — Marsha K.

Ternus, the chief justice; Michael J. Streit; and David L. The 71 lower court judges on the ballot all easily won re-election.

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The defeat was a bitter disappointment to much of the legal community here, which rallied behind the justices, and it was viewed with particular concern in the gay community, which has found state courts more sympathetic than state legislatures. The group includes seven nonlawyer commissioners appointed by the governor; it is not composed entirely of lawyers.

Tell us what you think. Please upgrade your browser. See next articles. Opponents can try to persuade Iowa lawmakers to address the issue, but state senate majority leader Mike Gronstal, a Democrat, said it's "exceedingly unlikely" gay marriage legislation will be brought up this session, expected to end within weeks. He also said he's "not inclined to call up a constitutional amendment," during next year's session.

Lambda Legal scheduled a news conference for early today to comment on the ruling. A request for comment from the Polk County attorney's office wasn't immediately returned.

History of the Same-Sex Marriage Debate

The ruling in Iowa's same-sex marriage case came more quickly than many observers had anticipated, with some speculating after oral arguments that it could take a year or more for a decision. Robinson added: "To tell the truth, I didn't think I'd see this day. The suit named then-Polk County recorder and registrar Timothy Brien.

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  • Becomes third state to allow same-sex couples to wed.
  • On this day 10 years ago, an Iowa Supreme Court ruling legalized gay marriage in the state!
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Topics US news. LGBT rights Vermont news. This leads to California voters approving a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage. Florida and Arizona voters do the same.

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Vermont's legislature legalizes same-sex marriages. Maine and New Hampshire follow suit, though Maine voters later repeal the state law allowing same-sex marriage.

New York legalizes same-sex marriage. Washington state, Maine, and Maryland legalize same-sex marriage by popular vote. It also decides the Prop 8 defenders lack standing, clearing the way for same-sex unions to be legalized in California. The IRS recognizes same-sex married couples. Utah's same-sex marriage ban is found unconstitutional.

Iowa Supreme Court - Ballotpedia

The Presbyterian church votes to allow same-sex ceremonies. Supreme Court makes same-sex marriages legal in all 50 states in Obergefell v.

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